521 - Friday Favs Top 10

November 02, 2012
Cute crochet jar cover.

A bear dancing the La Bamba on a mug. Need I say more.

Cute bookends.

Amazingly cute acorn brooch. Eek I love him!

Fox print trousers? Yes please!

I need this.

Totoro Russian dolls. Aww.

Lovely hat. I think I could make this.

Lovely stitched cat necklace.


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  1. Well I have def warmth the cat lady brooch and totally need the totoros!xxx

  2. Ha ha I love the cat lady brooch. I want to make loads with loads of different things written on them :D x

  3. I totally didn't just squeal at the computer when I saw the Totoro dolls. Even the makkurokurosuke! Eee!

  4. They are amazing! I love the tiny little cat bus. So cute :D x


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