504 - Crochet!

October 16, 2012
So on Sunday, after the brooches I showed off yesterday, I decided to tackle a crochet brooch kit from Mollie Makes.

I was under the impression that after I've mastered the granny square, I would be able to do this. I looked over the stitches, and there was nothing I didn't really know so I jumped right in.

The first step was the magic ring. Something I had read about a lot but never done. However, after a couple of attempts, Mollie Make's explanation of it was really good and simple and I nailed it.

The rose is worked in a spiral, which means never finishing off a row, but simply keeping going until you're finished the piece.

Crochet flower

Crochet flower

Guys, guys, guys! Look! It actually looks like a flower! OMG!

I stopped during this about 10 times and I was like, right I'm stuck I'm going to stop. And then I just powered through and when I  was done I was so surprised at how it turned out.

Now I know it's not perfect, because I had to something 6 times nearing the end of the brooch, and I could only fit in 3, but I can't actually see anything madly wrong with it, so I'm very happy. I ran out of wool right at the end, like literally the last part, so I had to use some other similar wool (you can see the different stuff in the top right of the photo above). I also secured the brooch backing with a little glue to make sure it sticks.

I'm so happy! I love it. And even more exciting, the woman I got my crochet lessons off earlier this year told me once I has mastered the magic ring, doing things like amigurumi would be easy peasy! I can't wait *fingers crossed*.


  1. thats gorgeous! im in full on granny square mode this week but am dying to have a shot at some amigurumi :) xx

  2. I was actually shocked this worked! Like right until the end I was convinced it was total shit till I turned it over. Ha ha! I need to have a shot at something else now, I have more confidence. :D x

  3. This is so cute! Learning to crochet / knit is on my To Do list so I can make all sorts of things like this!

  4. Yeah even being able to crochet the little bit I can do is so cool! :D x


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