497 - Sock witch

October 09, 2012
Sometimes I make things, and they look...a bit mental. My sock witch is one of those things. But I have to say, I still love her.

As you may know I bought the (child's) kit from John Lewis in the sale. The kit was really fun to make but it was green sock and black thread. I'm a believer in using what you're given in a kit, so I decided to go ahead with the black thread. However, I'm well aware that my stitches aren't very neat at the best of time, so this was a bit of a risk. And yeah, you can see a lot of my mental stitching.

Added into that, her dress and cape are see through, so you can't even hide some of the mistakes behind that! Doh! Never mind, she's a weirdo and I love her.



I called her Nitro because we were watching a lot of Nitro Circus when I furnished her. So yeah, she's a bit of a weirdo, but she's sitting proudly atop my bookshelf all the same.

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