491 - Work In Progress Wednesday

October 03, 2012
So I've finally done more of my latch hook snowman. Well finished one piece anyway, which is more than I felt I did last week! PHEW!


I have no idea if I'll finish this for Christmas, as the thought of cutting it up and sewing it together is stressing me out!

Next up we have the big one, the big Christmas make...the tree skirt.


I have to make 60 squares in total. Considering I just started this on Saturday night, I don't think I'm doing too bad. Plus I'm trying to sew in all the ends at the end of each session, which you can see I've been doing (apart from the green middles at the bottom which I'm about to do right now).

My sock witch is finished so you can see her next week, and as today is Donald's birthday, I'll be able to show off the handmade goodies I made him next week too.

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