477 - Work in Progress Wednesday

September 19, 2012
Ah the typical late night work in progress posts. This week I started doing more of my latch hook snowman. And then I got a bit bored if I'm being honest.


Yup, like two lines! Grr.

And then I started my Christmas cake band.


I had to cut the band to fit the ribbon it's going to be mounted on and I had a horrible moment when I thought I had cut it too much. According to Donald, my face looked worried. Ha ha. But as you can see, the stitching does indeed fit *phew*. I'm really hoping to finish this tomorrow (pop back tomorrow night to see if I do ha ha!). Though mounting it means getting my sewing machine out (insert scared face).

And alongside this I'm also working on something for the boy's birthday which I can't show you, and I'm trying to get done in the times when he's not in the house ha ha! Can't wait to show that off though.

Happy Wednesday folks.

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