472 - Friday Favs Top 10

September 14, 2012
Amazing mermaid doll.

Best light ever!

Best doll house ever.

Cute macaroons.

Amazing Christmas decorations.

More superhero stitche dolls. Amazing.

Best bag ever.

Cute print.

Best salt and pepper set.

Owl stones? Yes please!

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  1. This post is just so damn delightful! That light! Those Christmas decorations - yes please! And I would love to live in that dollhouse, it is just fantastic!


  2. I honestly do not know what I would do without Pinterest! It's the best site! Love your blog btw! I think I need a pill box for my earrings as I just get lazy and put the same pair in like every day. :P x

  3. Oh, gosh! Those salt and pepper shakers! And I would never find enough patience to do the Smyrna stitches even though they are so full of win.

  4. Yeah I think if I was going to do them I would have to do it with just normal cross stitch or I might go mad!


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