470 - Work in Progress Wednesday

Hey, so I've realised I've made Christmas stuff in the past couple of days and not updated my Christmas makes list! As I said things will swap about as I get things free in the months coming up to Christmas, or more awesome things pop up!
  1. Christmas coaster - tree.
  2. Christmas coaster - Santa.
  3. Snowman latch hook kit. 
  4. Lickie Ted Christmas stitch kit.
  5. Reindeer cake band stitch kit. 
  6. Christmas tag.
  7. Christmas tag.
  8. Christmas tag.
  9. Christmas tag.
  10. Christmas tag.
  11. Christmas tag.
  12. Christmas kitten stitch kit.
  13. Cross stitch kit.
  14. Cross stitch kit.
  15. Christmas card.
  16. Christmas card.
  17. Christmas card.
  18. Christmas card.
  19. Tree skirt. 
  20.  Christmas nyan cat perler beads. 
  21. Christmas card wreath. 
  22. Wild Olive Snowman plush.
  23. Christmas Space Invaders piece. 
  24. Christmas Garland.
  25. Magazine items I'm bound to get at Christmas.
I can decided whether it looks doable or scary?!? Because with Christmas stuff I'll want  it all done by the end of November. Eek! Oh well, I can only give it my best shot. My in-progress basket is looking nice and empty right now so hopefully I can crack on with a lot of stuff.
So this week I've been working on my Batman tableware and I am so close to being finished I am ridic excited!

So I finished the last place mat, which is the Joker.


And I've finally moved on to the tablecloth.


I'm a bit bothered about the the fact the outlines seem to be down on the fabric twice (obviously my fault but I started this a year or so ago, so it's hard to remember), but I think it's going to turn out great. So close to being done! Eek!

Pop by the blog tomorrow to see a finished product! Woo!

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