469 - Frame it!

September 11, 2012
This story is ridicously complicated! So let's bullet point it so I can get to the good bits!

  • I wanted some small plastic frames for three pieces of Christmas cross stitch. 
  • I bought them from one site, but also had to buy something else to qualify for the minimum spend (see lovely cross stitch card kit below!).
  • Card kit came but frames were out of stock and they didn't know when they would be back in.
  • Cancelled order and reordered somewhere else.
  • Also out of stock there, so I got another refund.
  • Found different frames (round instead of sqaure) on the suppliers website, and bought them no problem! Phew. 
My lovely (if not needed) card kit. Look at that thread! Drool!

  • In summary I bought a cross stitch card kit I didn't need but do love.
  • I had to deal with a lot of emails/Paypal mess.
  • I ended up with bigger round frames instead of smaller sqaure ones.
  • I was in Hobbycraft at the weekend and saw the little square ones and swore a lot.

Double phew! Anyway, I've framed my pieces up now and I'm well happy. Two of the frames were for mini Christmas kits that I bought out of Hobbycraft. I did one on holidays (which you've already seen) and did one at the weekend.



The third frame was to rework a piece I did last year.

You may remember this bauble that I put together because I had a cute cat cross stitch and nowhere to put him.

Home-made tree decoration

Almost right after I had made him, I didn't like it. I love the cross stitch, but I didn't like the bauble. Especially when I put it on my Christmas tree. This year when I bought the other two Christmas kits, I knew I wanted to do something, so I decided on the frames. So I cut up the bauble and put him in a frame too.


I think it looks much better and I'm so happy that I didn't have to waste my lovely cross stitch. So now I have three lovely matching cross stitches for my shelves at Christmas.

Don't worry, I'm not counting the cat towards my Christmas makes list, as I technically made him last year. Though while I was raking through my Christmas box to find the bauble, it did remind me how much awesome Christmas stuff I have! Bring on the festive season. 


  1. These little frames are so useful! I usually find packages of them in thrift stores (some with glass instead of plastic - like a mini gold mine!) and they're great for displaying little things! At least your adventure had a happy ending, haha; they look great! :D

  2. Ha ha I know right. Got there eventually, just took the long way round! Thanks :D


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