463 - Work in Progress Wednesday

September 05, 2012
Okay before I start work in progress Wednesday, I have a confession. I'm giving up on my crochet school. What? You didn't even remember I was doing crochet school because it's been so long since I posted about yeah? Yeah I'm about the same.

The truth is I wanted to do the crochet lessons so I could get a basic grasp of how to do the stitches. But then I went to the crochet class in real life and it's helped me so much! Also with the video being in American terms, it confused me a bit (especially after learning to granny square in British terms).

My hook and ball of wall I was using for the lessons were sitting very sadly at the bottom of my work in progress basket, and I know I'll probably never have the time to go back and do them. Plus I feel a lot more confident about how to do things now. So I'm just going to bash on in there and try and make something!

My swallow cross stitch is one wing off being done.


Though I'm thinking I'm probably going to run out of blue thread (due to my mad stitching) before I finish the piece, so I might have to buy some more.

And that's it this week. No progress on Batman tableware or the latch hook snowman, but you may notice the absence of my Cath Kidston scarf? Well maybe I'm finished! Photos will be on the blog tomorrow. My to-do basket is getting slowly emptier. Woo!


  1. My Mum taught me to crochet a few months ago and I finally got my head round it - I've been crochetting like made up until going on holiday in July and then I've not got back to it.

  2. I found after learning that little bit and actually being able to do it, that going back to the lessons online was messing with my head ha ha! Damn difference between UK and US terms. So silly. x


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