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September 04, 2012
Kitschy Digitals was a site that I heard off but never been on. I know Mollie from Wild Olive sells her stuff on there, but for some reason, I had never checked it out.

I ended up on the site last week after seeing Wild Olive link through the site yet again and boy am I glad I did.

I was drawn to the sewing and needlework patterns section of the site first and was happy to see some of my favourites there. Wild Olive, Bee's Knees Industries, Wee Little Stitches and Flapper Doodle all feature. Amazing! So nice to be able to shop different shops in the same place.

One of the best things, was that some of the patterns are free! How nice is that?! When I saw this Avengers one from Wee Little Stitches I was so excited, I downloaded it right away.

I've loved their stuff for a while, so it's nice to be able to try one out without getting shouted at for buying more crafty items. Whoops!

I did download a few other free patterns and I'm so happy I found this site. Just annoyed it took me so long to actually check it out.

I also found this pattern (not free but definitely on my major want list) which I am in love with.

I haven't checked out the other areas of the site, but I urge you too. It's amazing!

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