458 - Friday Favs Top 10

August 31, 2012
Lovely little Christmas snow globes! Yes!

Cute fox bag.

This print is pretty much my and my boy. Love it.

Cute embroidery.

Amazing Paris print. I love Paris.

Lovely little pouch tutorial. I want to make one!

Amazing superhero cross stitched toys!

This ice cream headband is epic. I also need to make this.

Cute tooth fairy pouch.

Amazing cat embroidery that I just need need need. It's all black work. So good!

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  1. I love Paris too! I love Montmatre and the area around the Louvre

  2. I've only been once and I did spent most of it in Disney Land, but still it's awesome. I really want to go back.

  3. Another great post! Thank you for sharing. I have plenty of new crafting ideas. Now I just have to find the time to do them!


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