454 - Holiday update

August 27, 2012
So while I was on holiday I took some lovely craft kits with me to get on with during the evenings. I took quite a lot with me and I knew I would nowhere near finish them all, but it was nice to have the choice. So let's check it out.

Gingerbread man cross stitch

I finished this little Gingerbread man cross stitch. I've ordered some little frames to put him and a couple of other little cross stitches in, so hopefully get him finished off soon.


I started and did most of this swallow cross stitch. I loved doing this. It had no fractionals, no back stitch and just three lovely colours. Only the blue filling in to go and then I can frame it.


And finally my scarf. I've only got 5 rows of colour to go now, so close to being finished. Well I still have to sew in ALL the ends. Sigh. But loving that it's nearly finished.


  1. The swallow is really pretty so far, and I like the gingerbread man, too! The colors on the scarf are really nice, too.

  2. Thanks! Loving how they are all turning out :)


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