451 - Friday Favs Top 10

August 24, 2012
Amazing owl gloves. If only I could knit like this.

Been perving on some lovely Smash Book pages lately. This one is lovely.

Lovely neon necklace.

I love this outfit! I could so rock this at work.

Love the colours in this stitching!

Cute cushion.

Lovely needle felted owl.

Amazing campfire set. So cute.

Amazing Wonder Woman glasses.

Lovely scrapbooking stamp.

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  1. I love those owl mitts, but $7.00 is a bit too much for me to pay for one pattern. I saw those Wonder Woman glasses at HMV, they have a bunch of really nice ones (including zombies!)
    Great post, I love everything! :)

  2. Yeah that is a bit much. So lovely though. Oooo hmv I might need to check them out! :) thanks x


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