441 - Stool cover

August 14, 2012
Okay so since I posted this picture of a granny square stool cover on Friday I've been thinking about it for my stool in my living room.

Our little stool looks like this and my Gran had covered it in white sheep fleece type stuff. My Mum has been saying for ages that we should cover it in nice fabric, but I'm never too sure of my sewing abilities.


I've been looking up stool covers on Pinterest, and they all look so lovely.

I'm confident I could do this if I tried. After all, it's just a giant granny square. I had a look in my Granny Square Love book by Sarah London, and they have this project which I think might be a good idea of what I need to do, but smaller.

Granny square book

Obvious I'm going to wait until I've finished my other projects, because if I start this one it'll be a biggie. It'll mean going out and picking wool and everything. Exciting.

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