435 - Work in Progress Wednesday

August 08, 2012
Bit of a late one but Wednesdays are usually my craft while I watch WWE night, so I thought I would leave it till later till I posted.

Latch hooking snowman first.


I finished the section I had started last week. So that's four full sections left now. I think there are five left. I can't do this for too long because it makes my pinkie finger cramp.

Batman next.


I'm working on my Harley Quinn place mat now. I've done all the red, so just need to go and finish off the black and white at some point. I'm trying to neaten up my back stitch to look better and I also used four strands this time instead of my normal too to make it nice and thick. Think it definitely looks a lot better.

And finally, I've started my Cath Kidston scarf knitting kit.


Last week I started this, knitted it to the yellow stripe and then did something wrong and had to start again. When I did start again, I dropped some stitches and now there is a weird mistake where the blue and green knit. But hey at least it's not a hole.

180 stitches on one needle makes it hard to show off the whole scarf (it's been knitted length ways so it's a bit awkward) so I can't really show the mistakes off but I'm sure I'll show them off when I post about the finished scarf.

I need to finish everything in my in progress basket before I start making something else. I'm bad at wanting to make everything at once!


  1. Love the colours!Im confused how you are going to manage to carry on knitting it lengthways! xxx

  2. Yeah I'm on colour 5 of 6, and you do the colour rotation another two times. I think it's going to get a little tight on the needles! But hey at least it's all knit stitch so it's not too stressful (apart from when I ruined it the first time ha ha!). We'll see how it goes. I would assume CK knows what she's doing, but after the crochet kit, I'm not so sure :P x


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