424 - Block and roll all night

So today I am off to Belfast with my lovely FVRG girls to take on Belfast roller derby in my third ever bout!

It's been a bit touch and go with my ankle, but I've been skating on it recently and it seems to be doing awesome. Stronger pain killers are working and I feel comfortable walking without my ankle support on. Win!

I'm so happy I get to go across and skate with my girlies, and I'm even happier to be back at skating now!

And double win for the weekend, I get my first official actually has my name on it team top. The first bout I played with FVRG I had someone else's old top which I had to cut the arms off to hid their number and I bought rubbish iron on transfers to put my name and number on the back (which have since peeled off). Even though I have Perth top (from when I guest skated) and my T Stop Birds t shirt (from the intreleague bout I never actually played in), the sexy vests I get before Saturday will be my first Parma Violents top with my name and number on it! Beyond exited.

Wish us luck!

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