422 - Paperchase goodies!

July 26, 2012
So you may have seen I ordered some stuff of the Paperchase website. I've obviously bought a lot of stuff from their shop but I've never actually ordered anything online. I was ridic excited when the parcel came. It was so lovely.

First up a new recipe binder along with some refills for it. The refills fit my old recipe binder too which I am currently working on right now, so I can make that nice and full before I move onto my new one.

Paperchase goodies

New stationery bits and bobs. I already have the cat highlighters so I thought I might as well get the panda ones too. The little box is a tiny stationery kit, with like a mini hole punch and stapler and things. So cute.

Paperchase goodies

These amazing city themed notebooks. I was only going to get one but I couldn't pick! Also some lovely pens but I got these from Asda.

Paperchase goodies

I got the notebooks because I wanted to start writing again. Not like a diary but I guess I used to do it with my owl book and I don't really have a place for it anymore. I used the tin I just bought and most of the stationery bits (plus so I already had) to make up a cute writing journal kit. It's so cute.

Paperchase goodies

I can't wait to get started!


  1. Thanks! I wish I could buy everything from there. All too lovely. x


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