420 - Cushions and Coasters

So it's happened. The Cath Kidston cushion is finally done. Check it out.

Crochet Cath Kidston cushion

Crochet Cath Kidston cushion

As you know, I ran out of wool and brought in the purple stuff I already had in my stash. That aside, it was all going so well until I got the to the joining the parts together part. It was supposed to be a wavy edge in the red wool but my head could not get around how it was supposed to be done.

Teamed with the fact that the back part was a lot bigger due to my using a different kind of wool, I had to change my plans. I did a purple edge around the front part to make both bits the same size and them sewed them together wrong sides in, before flipping it inside out, popping a little cushion in and then sewing the bottom up.

The cushion turned out to be a little small, so I sew around purple edge where it was meets the granny squares, meaning the cushion was jammed in the middle. Perfect. The little cushion also had buttons in the middle, which meant it dipped in. I had to cut these off after I had sewn the cushion up, but finally it looks right! Probably a lot more work than it should have been but I'm happy. And hey, I made something crocheted! WOO!

Also, my friend Lee saw my Batman tableware and asked if I would make him another Captain America coaster. As I got the fabric coaster from the pound shop over a year ago, I offered to make him a perler bead one instead (which would be more durable as a coaster anyway).

I decided one coaster wasn't enough so I made a superhero set of four. Hopefully he likes them.


I love finishing crafty projects!


  1. The cushion is so pretty! It sort of sucks that they gave you too little wool, but in the end, you still got a really nice finished product. The coasters are really neat, too! The Flash one is my favorite, but they're all cool.

  2. Your finished cushion is fab! I love hama beads!

  3. Thanks! Yeah loads of people had the wool problem so at least it wasn't just me ha ha! Yeah totally happy with how it turned out so it's all good :) xx


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