413 - Stationery love

July 17, 2012
I love stationery. But then if you read my blog, like ever, you'll know that.

This post is going to look specifically at letter writing type stationery. I've liked the idea of having pen pal for a while, and I found someone to write to in the back of one of the issues of Cross Stitcher. While I'm not sure how much we'll write back and forth or anything, I'm glad I've done it and I guess we'll just see how it goes.

I have a couple of nice letter writing sets, but it never hurts to look at more does it. Right?


  1. O dearrrr god this is bad for my stationary and other pretty things obsession! Callum cant believe how much stuff I have for "no purpose". Penpals via cross stitcher sounds a great idea! Id love to do that! xxx

  2. Ha ha because of "researching" this post, I spent a stupid amount on the Paperchase website last night. I wish I had a big pretty desk at home so I could put all my stuff out :( x


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