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July 16, 2012
A post I've wanted to do for a while is a post with the story behind my tattoos. While I'm not a painted lady by anyone's standards, I do have six tattoos, all of which I totally love. So I thought it might be fun to look at them in a little more detail.

Tattoos are such a big part of my personality and I believe they help show off my creative nature as a person. I've had a lot of negative comments about my tattoos too, but that's something you just have to live with I guess. As long as I like them, that's all the matters. I'm the one who has to look at them everyday!

Lower back - Bill's Tattoo Shop.



These two tattoos were my first two, and I got them within about a few months of each other, with one on each side of my lower back. These tattoos started out at temporary tattoos I bought while on holiday one year. After wearing them once, I bought another pack with the sole purpose of keeping them in case I ever wanted to get them actually tattooed. The bird came first, and after I found out it didn't hurt too much, I got the feather too.

Feet - Tikki Monkeys.



My rose tattoo has to be one of the quickest I've decided I wanted. When I used to work in Tesco, one Saturday another girl I worked with came in with an awesome start foot tattoo. I loved the look of it so I spent the Saturday and Sunday night researching and drawing my perfect foot tattoo. By Monday I was inked. I originally wanted something a little thinner, along the edge of my foot, but Alex, the tattooist drew up his own version, and changed the placement a little. Obviously he knew better. I'm so glad he changed it because I totally love it the way it is. Plus it seems to be in the perfect place that most of my open shoes show it off.

My ankle tattoo was a picture I found on the Internet and decided I wanted. I love the colours and the delicateness of it. Me and my friends Eleanor and Lee all packed into the tattoo place and got a tattoo that day. Eleanor got a Celtic symbol and Lee got the Biffy Clyro "b". It was an awesome day with friends, and I remember chilling out in Lee's flat applying Bepanthen afterwards.

Leg - Tikki Monkeys.



There is a Suicide Girl who has a tattoo of a heart listening to headphones on her stomach, which goes round her side a little. After seeing it I had pretty much fallen in love, and knew I wanted something similar on my thigh. I popped in to see Alex, after he had done such a good job on my rose, and asked him to draw me up a little something. Even the basic five minute sketch he did for me right there made me decide I wanted it. After a lot of dropping of source material for him (which headphones I wanted. I picked the furry pink and white skull candy ones), and finally deciding on a size for my tattoo, I went ahead and got it done. It took three sessions and was definitely the most painful of my tattoos. The chord of the headphones goes all the way around my thigh, which means it's actually really long. Getting that chord done was so sore but totally worth it.

My thigh tattoo only really gets seen in the summer or at roller derby, but I love it. I get to see it pretty much all the time.

Wrist - Red, Hot and Blue.


My original plan for my wrist tattoo was to get a tribal style rose and a vine wrapping round the other side (much like my thigh). However, the receptionist at Red, Hot and Blue said they didn't do tribal style tattoos and that the vine would look rubbish. Okay, new idea then. I just opted for a normal rose, because they are my favourite flower.

Me and an ex boyfriend decided to go and get tattooed at the same time. I was never going to go for matching or name tattoos. Our tattoos aren't even on the same part of our bodies. But we just thought it would be nice to get at the same time. I love the colours on this rose. The hints of blue are just so cool.

So there you go. None of my tattoos have particularly deep meanings. they are just things I like. I've been planning to get another rose for my gran Rose who passed away a little while ago (a yellow one this time as those were her wedding flowers), but I'm never sure where to get it so I haven't taken the plunge yet. For a while I was convinced I was going to get it on my ribs, perhaps with a song quote under it, but I wasn't convinced I wanted one there/what song quote to use, so it never happened. Now I'm considering getting it on my other wrist, so I sort of match.

I will definitely get more tattoos, but I don't have the desperate need right now.

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