408 - Granny love

July 12, 2012
Granny squares

So for someone who can't crochet, I think I'm doing pretty well. Tonight during an Evil Dead marathon I finished my last two granny squares. While I obviously still have to sew in the ends and do the back of the cushion, all the baby granny squares are finished.

Woo! I'm very happy. The back is just one giant granny square, so I shall be tackling that soon. Only a couple of mistake, but granny squares are pretty forgiving.


  1. This is gorgeous! LOve it! xxx

  2. Thanks! I love the colours. I'm excited to start the back piece :D x

  3. You can never go wrong with the good old granny square. I've not made any in so long so i'm longing to make some! Loving the choice of the red for your border!

  4. Thanks! Yeah it really ties them all together eh? I never thought they would be easy at all, but they really are once you se into them. x


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