406 - Decade

July 10, 2012
You would think living in Edinburgh, there would be loads of places I would want to out to at the weekend. Not the case. Maybe it's just me, but I find it quite hard to find somewhere that caters to my musical taste. While I do love a large chuck of pop/chart stuff, when I go out at the weekend to get my dance on, I want it to be pop punk/emo/rock/whatever my taste in music actually is.

When I was at university, I used to go to Antics at The Hive all the time! I met a huge chunk of my friends (including my boyfriend) there and I loved it! The back room was my room and it played 99% amazing songs. Unfortunately, when you get a full time job, going out on a Tuesday night doesn't have the same appeal.

While there are other rock nights/clubs about, I find that when I ask for half the music I like I get the same sort of repsone. "Pff Paramore aren't rock" or "fuck off I'm not playing Fall Out Boy". Delightful. And then I have to listen to Killing in the Name Off or Don't Stop Believin' for the 500th bloody time and I usually leave.

One of my very good friends Matt 27 used to DJ at the Hive, and when he started back up at Studio 24 on a Saturday night it was an awesome excuse for a little dance. I love the Studios. There's quite a big dance floor. The drinks are cheap. I used to go there when I was about 15 and then ran an under 18 metal club, so I still hold a soft spot for it.

The only problem with the Studios (for me anyway) is Matt is only on for half the night, and the other half is a metal DJ. While I like a lot of music, I'm not down with a lot of the stuff he plays, which leads to an hour of sitting down (and if you know me at all, you'll know I'm not down with not dancing at clubs).

I was really excited when I saw a post about Decade on Facebook, Studio 24's new monthly pop-punk, emo and hardcore night! I can't contain my excitement! Even though it's only monthly, I look forward to having a night where I'm pretty sure I will know/like/want to dance to about 90% of the music! And I won't be slagged off for requesting the shit I like. Win. 

Matt 27 and his friend Gary are going to be running this night, and if you're in Edinburgh/like that sort of thing I highly suggest you come along!

I will most definitely be there and from looking at the bands on the poster it looks like it's going to be awesome.

Check out Decade's Facebook page for more details and give them a like while you're there!


  1. I know how exactly how you feel! I love the look of that night's music, shame it's at the opposite end of the country to me! Unfortunately Brighton is also lacking this kinda night! xxx

  2. I'm looking forward to it a ridic amount! I love getting my dance on. x

  3. Aw, this makes me happy :) Thanks for posting, totally missed this on FB. x


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