402 - Friday Favs Top 10

After discovering I can actually do granny squares, I've been drooling over different colours combos for most of the week.

I know this is on a child, but I want it!

Cute Disney cut outs.

Amazing crochet bag.

Adventure Time stickers. So cute.

I want this yarn bowl. Why are yarn bowls so expensive?!?

Very cute sewing machine cross stitch.

Ever cuter Star Trek cross stitch pattern.

I used to line my bike basket with a bin bag. I think I need this.

Crochet jammy dodger? Yes please.

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  1. Aw, I'd love a big crochet blanket. Is it easy to do? x

  2. Yeah the granny square itself is quite easy, I've not tried to connect them yet ha ha!

  3. i am stealing that star trek design! friggin awesome! :D xx

  4. So cool right! I love free patterns.


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