400 - My Crochet Blanket

Back in January my mum offered to crochet me a lovely blanket for my couch. I spend most of the time on my couch under a blanket, so another one is always welcome.

I went with her to Hobbycraft to pick the colours, and decided on black, acid green and fluorescent orange. Our couch is black so I thought it would look nice.

Well on Monday night when I was out at her hours, busy crocheting my Cath Kidston cushion kit myself, my mum finished my blanket! So now it's at home with me. Check it out.

Blanket made by my mum

Blanket made by my mum

I love it, and while I haven't fallen asleep under it yet, it's only a matter of time. Hopefully my Cath Kidston crochet cushion will be joining it on the couch soon.

Thanks mum!


  1. Thanks! Considering it takes me an hour per granny square, I can only think how long this took my mum :p x


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