395 - Friday Favs Top 10

First of all let me say that I hurt my ankle last week after skating. After hoping it would get better on its own, I went to the hospital and it turns out I've got an inflamed tendon. Unfortunately that means I can't skate tomorrow. I'm beyond upset, but at least I can still go along, cheer my ass off and then win the after party.

Oh wow this crochet is amazing.

Lovely outdoor bunk bed!

I love this Christmas card. So simple and so cute.

I love this idea. I can only imagine how nice it would look if you got some sexy fabric.

All the Johhny Depps.

Such cute little felt ghosts.

I love this colour, and the nail art.

Cute black gloves.

This is so cute! Especially with the little banana.

Frankenstein pouch. Amazing.

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