393 - Crochet lessons

June 27, 2012
So for my birthday Donald's mum and sister bought me a crochet lesson at The Bead Shop Scotland. Crochet is something I very much want to be able to do, but for some reason seems to make my brain melt.

The lesson was in their Haddington shop, so Donald drove me through and we had a nice Greggs lunch in the car. I did have a mini freak out prior to the lesson where I was convinced I was going to look like an idiot and people were going to laugh at me, but eventually plucked up the courage to go in.

The lessons took place in a cute little flat above the actual shop, in a room that I can only describe as my dream craft room! It was so lovely. I was joined by three other ladies on our crochet adventure.

The class was taken by Jo Lochhead, and showed us how to do a chain stitch, a slip stitch, double and treble crochet. I have to say, I was a little confused by the name to start with because I started learning online using American lessons. Why are the names different?!? That's just crazy!

To start with we were given a little fact sheet with all the notes we would need for the lesson on it and a nice chunky crochet hook which we got to keep at the end!

Crochet class

We used really thick wool so we could see what we were doing, and practised rows of all the stitches! We also had a crack at starting a granny square!

Crochet progress

The green row is the chain, the red row is double crochet into the chain (the hardest part!), the first bit of pink is double crochet on it's own and then the bigger part of pink is triple crochet!

I have to say the two hours just flew by, and I felt like I had learnt so much. I guess having that little bit of time with someone talking you through each stage and telling you where you're going wrong is just what you need when you're stuck! The triple crochet looked so scary to start with, now I can do it like nobodies business!

If you take a class you get 10% off anything you buy at the shop on the same day, and as I had £20 of vouchers to spend (also from Donald's family), I was right down to the shop on my way out to spend my monies.

Crochet and knitting goodies

I got two lovely books, some of the chunky yarn we had been using earlier and some pom pom makers just because I liked the idea of them.

I'm very keen to go on my online crochet lessons now because I feel like I can handle it! I just need to not get my names mixed up. Last night I even had a crack at my Cath Kidston crochet kit and check it out!

Holy cow batman! It's a granny square!

That my friends is the beginning of a granny square! I'm so happy. I stopped because the next two rounds are all double crochet going into like all the holes along the edges and I got a bit confused, but I plan to tackle it again when I next have a free night.

So all in all it was an awesome birthday present and I feel a lot more confident in my ability than I did before. I also know I can fix mistakes a lot easier in crochet than I ever seem to be able to in knitting AND it's a lot hard to drop/pick up stitch. PHEW!


  1. What a lovely post, than you! I normally work in the Edinburgh branch but like you I love the upstairs craft room in Haddington. And thanks to Jo have taken up crochet again after many years. Have you noticed how addictive it can be yet?

  2. I'd never been to either shop before Saturday, but yeah it was amazing. I so hope I can have room for a craft room when I have a proper house! Yeah crochet always scared me before, but after the lesson and seeing it's not as scary as I thougth I was right into my granny square kit, and it is quite addictive (even though I've now noticed a mistake on the above granny square ha ha!). It's so quick! Love it.

  3. Wow well done!!Youve done amazingly!I really think I need to sign up for a lesson coz I'm STILL stuck on chain!!xxx

  4. I think watching someone else do it was really good for me, and having someone like show me where to put my hands by actually moving me was good. Defo recommened it. x


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