392 - Bake Once a Month June

June 26, 2012
So after the awful experience that was my brownies last month, this month I decided to make M&M cookies, which I found on A Spoonful of Sugar.

I forgot how I found this blog, but I have to say, I totally love it. It always has lovely things on it. When I saw these cookies had condensed milk in them, I knew I had to give them a go.

June baking

June baking

I have to say, the cookie dough tasted amazing, and I probably ate more of it than I should. I had to use full size M&M's instead of mini ones because we don't get mini ones in the UK (well not in my Asda anyway). The batter made 3 batches of cookies, the last of which were a little browner than the others due to my forgetting to set the oven timer.

They tasted yummy, though I think I could have got them a bit thinner perhaps. Still lovely!

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