386 - TUNES!

June 20, 2012
So today is a very music based day. Not only am I going to see Blink 182, but I also just sold my Paramore ticket to someone else (due to bad planning on my part I'm actually on holiday for the Paramore gig! GOD!). So while I'm such a musical mood, I thought I would share five of my favourite bands ever! I think I like quite a lot of different music and my iPod is a bit mental. I like cheesy pop and indie music, but my heart lies with pop punk/emo type music.

1. Paramore.

While I already had my hair red before I heard of Paramore, I have to say, it's probably one of the reason I keep coming back to it. Hayley has the most amazing hair ever. I remember buying their first album on import from Amazon and I've been in love ever since.

2. Fall Out Boy.

I am such a Fall Out Boy fan girl. It makes me so sad that 1) they split up and 2) there last album was total fail. But their old stuff is still my favourite, especially Take This To Your Grave.

3. Panic! At the Disco.

Nothing can beat how good Panic! At the Disco's album was. End of.

4. Four Year Strong.

If you want to see me dance like a total tool, stick this song on. In fact I have a video of me doing the very thing, but I think I'll keep that off here thank you very much!

5. Hit the Lights.

Hit the Lights are right up there in my favourite bands right now. Skip Schools, Start Fights is an amazing album, with not one single bad song on it.

And now to look forward to Blink tonight! WOO!

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  1. Hahaha we basically have the same taste in music!People always take the Mick out of me!!I haven't heard the last band,thank u I'll have to look them up!I saw blink in London earlier this month! better live now than ever before!xxx


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