385 - I don't care if you dye your hair you'll always be a little red head bitch.

June 19, 2012

So hair. You may not be interested in endless posts about my hair, but let me tell you, I am. I'm willing my hair to grow faster and faster so I can dye it. Not that I have to impose this ban on myself, but I feel I would like to leave the blonde in for a while as it cost me so much effort.

So I know I was leaning towards the orange/red side of the colours. My plan was probably to dye it orange for a while and then bring the red back in. Orange was always in my plan, even if it was orange ends or something like this (which I would need very long hair for and even then I can't imagine the upkeep!).

And then I saw this advert.

That red is ridic amazing. I've fallen totally in love with red red red. Both my mum and Donald agree. I can only imagine how lovely red will look right on the blonde, without risking the orange in between. I'm not sure I can get/easily maintain the orange I want, but red has so many option. And so I've decided when it comes to dying my hair again, I'm going back to the red. But probably a different red from what I used to use. I'd like a brighter red instead of the quite dark stuff I used to use.

So basically, I'm totally smitten with the hair I used to have. Ha ha! Enjoy some more red hair porn, and help me wish my hair longer.


  1. This is not a helpful comment, but I love your white/blonde hair! x

  2. Ha ha yeah I've defo split the crowd with it. Thing it the blonde hair dye isn't very good for my hair, it's like drying the shit out of it. So I'm not planning on re-dying it white blonde, and then it'll just be boring old normal blonde once it grows out, which I am not down with :P ha ha x

  3. So tempted to go back to red after seeing these pics!
    P.S I'm adding you into my weekly wonders post that will be up on Sunday ;-)

  4. Oh I don't know why I bother dying my hair another colour apart from red, I love it too much, I'm always going to go back to it!

    And awesome, thank you! I look forward to reading it :) x

  5. Word of warning from someone who went from white blond to dark red: it fades so fast it's unreal! x

  6. Yeah I'm hoping by the time I get around to dying it back to red, it'll be my natural blonde (which it is all at the back due to getting it cut). No more bleaching for me, my hair does not like it. x


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