384 - Christmas Make List

June 18, 2012
Okay so one of my New Year's Resolutions is to make 25 Xmas items.

I thought I would make a list of all the things I'm going to make this year so I can start a bit in advance. I've already made two things on the list, but I think I really need to get a move on with the other items. I'm only going to make a few cards this year because I have some lovely supplies leftover.

  1. Christmas coaster - tree.
  2. Christmas coaster - Santa.
  3. Snowman latch hook kit. 
  4. Lickie Ted Christmas stitch kit.
  5. Reindeer cake band stitch kit. 
  6. Christmas tag.
  7. Christmas tag.
  8. Christmas tag.
  9. Christmas tag.
  10. Christmas tag.
  11. Christmas tag.
  12. Christmas kitten stitch kit.
  13. Christmas card.
  14. Christmas card.
  15. Christmas card.
  16. Christmas card.
  17. Christmas card.
  18. Christmas card.
  19. Tree skirt. 
  20.  Christmas nyan cat perler beads. 
  21. Christmas card wreath. 
  22. Wild Olive Snowman plush.
  23. Christmas Space Invaders piece. 
  24. Magazine items I'm bound to get at Christmas.
  25. Magazine items I'm bound to get at Christmas.


  1. Look at u ultra organised! I keep telling myself I need to do this and start early, but I cant seem to think of ideas until it's too late! xxxx

  2. I'm not letting it get mental again like last year! Crafting starts ASAP! x


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