382 - Smashbook Challenge

June 16, 2012

I found this Smashbook challenge on Pinterest the other day, and I think it might be something fun to help me make pages when I'm maybe in the mood for scrapbooking, but don't have something special that happened to scrapbook about (like a birthday or a gig).

I might not use them all, but I'm going to try my best to do a lot of them. They're so cool! I think I'll write up the list in my craft notebook so I can keep track of the ones I do.

Do you scrapbook/Smashbook? I definitely think you should give this a try!


  1. Ahhh love this!!It means I now need to buy another smash book for this purpose!!xxx

  2. i have become a total K&C smashbookaholic!

  3. I love them so much! It's the most fun :D x

  4. i've wanted to get back into "traditional" scrapbooking for a long time - and these are perfect!


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