380 - I want to ride my bicycle

June 14, 2012
I have a bike. I bought it when I used to live in town a couple of years ago, and when I ended up moving back home with my mum, a very tall boy trying to impress me let me keep it in his garage. Well when I moved in with that tall boy about a year later, the bike stayed where it was.

Often when I walk to work along the water of Leith I think how lovely, and faster, it would be to cycle to work. We even have lovely indoor bike racks at work. However, I don't have anywhere to store it, and I don't think my poor bike would last very long outside it Leith.

Me and Donald are hoping we can get a house eventually, and when we do, I hope to get my bike out a lot more. Until now, I can only dream of all the lovely things I can add to my bike. Luckily Pinterest offers a lot of inspiration!

I very much look forward to riding my bike again.

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