375 - Sketchy Saturday 1

June 09, 2012
So in the same style as moodboard Monday, I've decided to do a few weeks of "sketchy Saturday". Another one of my new years resolutions is to draw at least 10 things. I love drawing but I never seem to make the time for it (proven by the fact that I covered my most recent sketch book with magazine clippings so long ago I can't remember when, and yet the only things that's ever graced its pages was the sketch of my IT embroidery piece, which I then tore out).

Again a bid to make me make the time, I've decided to schudule these posts.

So here's the first one.

C3PO and R2D2

I copied it from this picture.

To be honest, most of the stuff I draw is copying cartoons, because it seems to be the style that works best for me. If I draw real life things, it tends to be flowers or insects. So yeah, most of these drawings will probably be cartoon copies. I'll try and post a link to the original if I copy something.

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