373 - Sponsored Skate

So let's talk roller derby for a minute shall we? After all, it's what half this blog is named after.

On June 16th, Fierce Valley Roller Girls, along with a number of other leagues from all over the UK and Ireland will be taking part in sponsored skate.

Basically, between all the leagues, we're trying to skate enough laps of a standard derby track to cover the same distance that the Olympic Torch is going to cover, which is 3787 miles (which is 103890 laps for those who don't know!).

All the leagues are fund raising from the same JustGiving page, which I think you should all go check out and donate even a little bit. As you can see we're quite a way off our £1000 target, but hopefully on the lead up to the day, and with fundraising on the day itself, we should make it! All money raised is going to Sports Aid, which "helps young British sportsmen and women to achieve their ambitions by supporting them during the defining years of their careers."

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Also, if you live anywhere near Grangemouth in Scotland, then please come along to Grangemouth Sports Complex on June 16th between 5pm and 9pm. You can watch us skate our feet off, grab a cake or two, and find out all about the lovely world of roller derby!

I'm excited to see how many laps I can skate. And if you feel lovely and generous enough to donate, that would be swell!

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