Sunday, 3 June 2012

369 - Sunday Snaps

A photo of a photo of a camera!
A photo of a photo of a camera. I will be posting about these this week!

Random crochet hooks that somehow got posted to my house.
Random crochet hooks that turned up at my mum's in the post with no note or anything! Weird!

En route. Rocking la shorts. #tattoo
Shorts! Sort of summer in Scotland.

Slam Dunk bitches
Slamdunk outfit.

Bombs bombs bombs.

Me and the singer from Hit the Lights! Eek!
Me meeting the lovely singer from Hit the Lights. So happy.

And the guitarist, after like 6 attempts of my flash not working. He was cool about it though!
And the guitarist from Hit the Lights too. Double happy.

Number arm bands came :)
New derby arm bands.

Sweater clips :)
Woo finally got me some sweater clips.

Me, dad and Kia
Me, Dad and Kai.

Kai going in for a kiss
Kai going in for a kiss.

Fish tacos Nom!
Nom fish tacos.

I am an athlete
Post training chips. Total athlete.


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