358 - Hair hair hair.

May 23, 2012
I've been dying my hair for longer than I can remember. It all started in high school, with pink highlights, and having the underneath of it dyed purple or red. As I got older, I started dying it permanently. It was different shades of blonde at first, before I eventually dyed it red, purple, brown, black and a lovely orange shade due to the fact that black hair does not like being bleached.

I've gone on and off red hair dye a couple of times, but before I dyed it blonde a couple of month's ago, my hair had been red since just before my 21st birthday. As I've just turned 25, that was about 4 years of solid red.

The problem with my hair just now is I'm in a sort of hair rut. I decided to see what it be like if I bleached it blonde, as I hadn't seen my natural hair colour in years. I've had it blonde for a week now, and while I do like it, I do find it a bit boring. I'm used to my bright red hair, and things like clothes and even eye make-up no longer going with my blonde hair is throwing me off a bit. Also, I've decided I'd like to grow my hair, after about 2 years of having it short. Thus begins the long process of waiting for it to grow. *Sigh*.

So all this = hair rut.

While I don't plan on dying it some crazy colour just now (and hopefully for a long time as I would like to grow it before I possibly dye it again) I have been looking at different hair colours. White is such a blank canvas, so if I did dye it again, I could pick anything!

I'm leaning heavily towards the orange/red share of things. I've seen some awesome bottle orange hair dyes over the past couple of weeks, and I think they would look a nicer/healthier shade of orange than 1) the big pots of paint style dye you get or 2) "oops I've bleached my hair wrong" orange. 

Here are some other colours I would love to try!

And of course, my favourite section of the colour wheel!

I think I like this orange the most!

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