364 - Ginger Snaps

May 29, 2012
So for my birthday Donald got me one of those stitchable iPhone cases, which I had been after even long before I had an iPhone. The space on the back isn't that big, so I thought doing a quote on it would be quite fun.

I picked this one from Ginger snaps, which is one of my favourite movies of all time.

Stitched iPhone case

In case you can't read it, it says "Out by 16 or dead in this scene". But together forever. Looking it up after I stitched people seem to say the quote is actually either "dead on the scene" or "dead in the scene", so I might have stitched it wrong, but I just went with what I thought it was! Oops! I probably should have checked it before I stitched it up. Oh well, I'm happy to leave it just in case I'm right.

If you haven't seen Ginger Snaps I suggest you check it out. I love it to pieces. There are a couple of sequels too, but they aren't as good (unless you're a super fan like me).


  1. I love that I-Phone case! I really want an I-Phone. Thank God for August! AT&T over charge plan goes out the window. I have a Pantech Pursuit right now, which is fine, but eh. This looks so much cooler and that phone is freakin' two years old. Great job! This movie was on cable the other day, I watched all my DVDs weeks ago it was nice to see it old school again.

  2. Aww thanks! Yeah I love my iPhone. Took me ages to get it but I'm so happy now! x


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