351 - 20 Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Part 4

Step 16: Drinking.

I love crazy retro looking glasses. I inherited a lot from my gran when she died, and all of them are amazing! My favourite is a set of daisy print ones that comes with a matching pitcher. We almost didn't take them in the move because we could only find a couple in the set, but in the end we found them all! 

Step 17: Tools.

I love tool for cooking that are shaped like things. Our current knife block is shaped like a man on a knife thrower's wheel and it's just too cool. More of that please! 

Step 18: Storage.

If you're going to be keeping your food safe, boring traditional Tupperware is out! Anything with a cool pattern on it is firmly in. 

Step 19: Baking.

Baking tools just lend themselves to being prettier! I have a baby pink and blue set of spatulas that I just love, and I would love to build more of a girly baking collection around those. 

Step 20: On the counter top!

And finally, on the counter top. No matter how many cupboards you have and how much space you have to hide things away, there are just some things that are so cool you'll want to display them proudly on your counter top! 

And of course, I'd chuck things like a fridge and a cooker in there too!

I hope you enjoy this mini series! If you did, or have any ideas/suggestions for the future, please let me know below! 

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  1. Again, love all of these! I especially like the labelled cup sizes, the cat bowls and the horse spaghetti sizer! I have the flour sieve and the many cupcake holder! Ive yet to use the many cupcake holder yet tho, it's massive! xxx


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