344 - 20 Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Part 3

Step 11: Table accessories.

We've had place settings, let's look at what else you need on a table!

Step 12: Organisation.

Kitchen's need a high levels of organisation to make sure you keep them running properly! Whether that's planning out menus or writing shopping lists.

Step 13: Tea time!

I think we treat a little differently in the UK than we do in other places, but there is nothing better than a cup of tea at pretty much any time of the day. My gran used to make us tea as a late night snack, along with toast or cheese and crackers and lots of other goodies. She would roll it through on her tea trolley (which I now store my pans on) and it was epic! I think tea should be like, and something awesome the whole house gets involved in together.

Step 14: Cooking.

Cooking is usually fun for me, unless I'm getting stressed out about what I'm making. But cooking using lovely things just makes it that little bit more fun!

Step 15: Eating.

What makes eating a lovely meal nicer than eating it off something fun! We have quite plain blue plates and such that we got in a huge set right now, but after a trip to Ikea, I'm longing for some floral ones. 


  1. Wow!!I love everything!ive wanted some funky pyrex for ages but cant find any=(.I already have the ck pad and the red riding hood but the tea pot!I love it!xx

    1. Totally jealous! Yeah I want some pink pyrex. Loads of American bloggers just seem to find them in thrift shops. I'm never that lucky! x

  2. Im jealous of myself too because ive been stowing them away until I buy my house! We will just have to go to USA on a thrifting trip! I wonder if it would work out expensive to get them sent over? xx

  3. Aww yeah I did the pre-moving into my flat. I still have that for "actual house" stuff, like a clothes peg bag and stuff. I just want to use it all now!

    Yeah I dunno how much it would cost to get stuff sent over. I often wish I just lived over there. x

  4. it makes me so happy to know there are things like this in the world hehe :) the salt and pepepr shakers are super cute as well as the snow white tea cup.

  5. I know! It makes me want everything! Things shaped like cute things are the best! x


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