343 - Needle felting

Needle felting is something that I've wanted to try for some time. After seeing these lovely creations on Etsy by asherjasper I was totally tuned on to the idea, though the supplies can be a little expensive.

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Needle felting also featured on Kirstie's Handmade Britain, so it's quite in the public eye at the moment.

For Christmas Donald's Mum got me a needle felted bracelet kit. Unlike some kits where you just stab away until you shape something, this kit required you to roll balls of the wool felt with soap and water to make them into rock solid beads, and then stabbing at them with a needle to add other layers of colour.

I'm not sure how long ago I started this kit, but when I was a little bit into it, I realised that the white wool (which was going to make 2 beads of a 8 bead bracelet) was missing. Doh!

So I decided to email Gilliangladrag (the company who made the kit) and ask them if there was any way I could get some white wool. Thankfully Gillian was lovely, emailed back ridiculously fast and said she was more than happy to send me the missing white wool. Result. The wool also came in the post crazy fast, so I finally got round to make the last two beads and decorating them.

Needle felted bracelet

Needle felted bracelet

Needle felted bracelet

Now, I'm not sure what size the beads were designed to be, because some are well bigger than others, but I'm happy with how it turned out! Getting the pattern on it was easier than I thought, though I went for two spots per ball instead of the 3/4 suggested in the instructions. It also came with some silver thread which I tried on one ball, found very hard to use, and then decided to just not use it for the rest of them. And hey, I only stabbed myself with the ridiculously huge and sharp needle twice.

My next needle felting hope, if I can manage it, is to make something as crazy cute as the puppies that featured in issue 13 of Mollie Makes.


  1. Thanks. It's quite a stabby/angry craft so suits me quite well :P x

  2. Love the colours of your felt beads ;-)

  3. The bright pink was called Barbie pink. Totally love it!


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