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May 07, 2012
Last Thursday night I was really in the craft mood. However, all the things I have sitting in my "to do" basket are quite lengthy projects. I have my latch hook snowman, my crochet lessons (which I am still doing by the way, just slowly), some needle felting and my Batman tableware set.

I decided I wanted to make some little quick things that I could definitely get finished in the night and would leave me with a lovely feeling of crafty satisfaction!

First up with a knitted bow ring from One Sheepish Girl (which is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs). After having mastered the purl stitch I knew I couldn't resist making this cute ring. My fingers are very skinny and therefore a lot of the rings I have a child's sizes. I had a set a bought out of Asda a while ago that featured love hearts and cat faces (ones I would totally wear) and one with "angel" written across it (one I would totally not wear). So I used my "angel" ring, attached the lovely knitted bow (which I made in the time I was waiting for chips to cook) and done!

Knitted bow ring

And it's my second knitted project of the year! Very happy!

Next up we have another Wild Olive lovely make. I know I talk about Wild Olive all the time, but I seriously always have something on my "to make" list that has come from that blog!

On Thursday my boyfriend came home with a set of Christmas tea he had won at a raffle at work. With something mental like 90 teabags in it, it's probably going to take us a while to get through.

Christmas tea

My boyfriend likes posh teas, but I like things you can put milk and sugar in. Nom. As I decided I was going to start taking some of the posh tea to work with me to make sure we get through it all, I decided to craft myself a little teabag cozy.

Tea bag holder

Next up,  I decided to tackle something I had seen on Pinterest.

This was one of the first things I pinned onto my fashion board on Pinterest, but alas it is now out of stock from the supplier. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own version in felt and rock the wrestler look at work.

Wrestler face badge

I'm so happy with how he turned out. He's quite big because he's got a little stuffing inside him but he looks awesome.

And finally, I finally made myself a little macaroon brooch like the one I made for Ever So Juliet for Pay it Forward.

Another macaroon badge

I very productive evening I'm sure you'll agree!

Check out the lovely blogs my makes came from!

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