340 - A Month of Craft Photos Update 5

So as we leave April behind and come into May, I'm going to be starting the second set of a month of craft photos prompts! Exciting. So let's finish off April's first.

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28. Simplicity. (This was missing from last week's post!).

Day 28. Simplicity.

29. Your latest FO.

Day 29. Your latest FO.

30. Your crafting companion.

Day 30. Your crafting companion.

Phew! April is done! Now let's move on to May's prompts.

Month of Craft Photos 2

1. Current WIP.

Day 1. Current WIP.

2. Favourite drink.

Favourite drink #amonthofcraftphotos

3. Something new.

Day 3. Something new.

4. Inspiration.

Day 4. Inspiration.

5. Craft envy.

Day 5. Craft envy.

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