337 - 20 Steps to the Perfect Kitchen Part 2

Step 6: Fashion.

Okay getting your fashion on in the kitchen may not be very easy! But, aprons are awesome! I have a few in my kitchen, even though I usually forgot to wear them.

Step 7: Utility room.

I am so jealous of people who have a utility room or a separate space for all the cleaning stuff. My stuff is currently spread between my kitchen and a little cupboard in the hall, but I would love it to all be together.

Step 8: The sink!

The sink is probably a space that you spend a lot of time around in your kitchen. I have a few quirky bits going on around my sink, such as an old turtle soap dish to hold my sponge, but things can always be improved upon!

Step 9: Window ledge garden.

I dream of having a window in my kitchen so I can grow lovely things such as herbs and cress on it. I'm become a bit of an obsession of late! These first pots are from Ikea and I'm so tempted to just buy them and put them away from when I eventually can use them.

Step 10 - Eating out.

While most of the food you prepare will be eaten in your house, you of course needs supplies for packed lunches, travelling and picnics! I love picnic accessories.


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