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April 30, 2012
Sometimes I see something and it's so cool I just have to do it straight away! This happened to me the other day when I was reading a post by The Dainty Squid on how she organises her blog.

I don't know if you've noticed but I've posted every single day this month! Woo! I've been making more time to plan ahead and post about things that I want to talk about (and hopefully other people want to read). But my way of planning is simply typing a post, finding a date that I don't have a post on, and scheduling it for that date.

Other blog organisation in the past as involved notes in the back of my filo fax or notes in my Hello Kitty craft book. But I frequently forgot I had written these notes, and posts can get forgotten about.

Okay, so first let's have a look at the lovely way The Dainty Squid organises her blog.

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How lovely is that? And yet how simple! I thought lists and things were simple, but simply marking things out for every day just seems so easy. Probably why I never thought of it.

After seeing this post I knew I had to do this for my own blog. With May starting tomorrow I thought I would get started for May and make a planner for the rest of the year. Once again my head jumped to the awesome printables I won a while ago from the lovely Wild Olive.

I knew there was a meal planner style calendar printable in there that would be perfect, so printed off enough to do me till December and got started!


Blog planner

Blog planner

I have to say, I'm totally in love already! It allows me to see how far in advance regular features go (like my month of craft photos posts) or block out days for more permanent regular features. It also means if an idea pops into my head I can just book it in and I won't forget about it!I also decided to write it in pencil so things can be moved around easily (which they have been a lot even since I took these photos!).

Blog topics with a cloud around them are already written and ready to go, so I can even keep track of that. I'll pop it in my filo fax and I'll be ready to roll! Brilliant right? Organisation makes me so happy.

It's definitely going to take the headache out of planning posts for things that are happening in advance!

Finally, why not check out the lovely ladies featured in today's post!


  1. Super cute idea!!! I think I will do this for May!!! It's going to be a busy month, so this will definitely help my blog.

    Also, I read your resolutions list and you had me at "my gamer score" NERDY LADIES FOREVERRRRR

    anyway, newest follower!

    1. Ha ha thanks for the follow Miss! My gamer score is the hardest one! I keep using all my spare time to craft, I need to spend more if it playing games, doh!

  2. Love this!I might do this using stickies in my normal diary!Thank u xx

    1. I am currently in love with it so much! Making my life so much easier :) x


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