Sunday, 29 April 2012

334 - Sunday Snaps

Donald's excited for the bout!
Donald waiting for my bout

Post bout sweat!
Post bout sweat

My lovely new FVRG necklace! Thanks FCR.
Lovely present from FCR

It's summer time me feet are out!
My feet are out. Summer is here!

My lovely new yarn from @letsgetcrafting thanks so much!
I won some posh yarn on Twitter.

Happy hippo. Nom Nom Nom!
Happy hippo nom!

Half way through
Half way through my knitting.

Feast to cheer the boy up! Mother fucking lion bar cereal.
Feast to cheer to boy up.

Pretty much my reaction! Sublime stitching order is here!
Sublime Stitching order

Random craft books
Random craft book

Charity shop treat. Knitting doll.
Knitting doll from the charity shop

Awesome bout jewellery from voodoo lily.
Lovely goodies from the roller derby


  1. Looks like a fun filled weekend...hope your bout went well!

  2. Thanks! Yeah my bout was awesome. Fun times! x