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April 27, 2012
Two posts in one day?!?! What?!? Well basically this post wasn't supposed to go out until the 8th of May (yup that's quite far away) but the other day blogger was fail and posted it, and people saw it and asked about it. I basically thought, if people have read it, what's the point in holding off on it till the 8th of May! Plus my package arrived today, and I was too excited not to share it! So here you go. An extra blog post as a Friday treat. 

Sublime Stitching has to be one of my favourite websites. The Sublime Stitching books were the first embroidery books I ever bought, and tools that I can't live without like my carbon paper and tracing stylus have also been bought from the site.

I usually have something from Sublime Stitching on my birthday/Christmas list, but no one seems to want to buy me something that comes from...DUN DUN DUN...America! And so I have a very long list of things I would quite like, but haven't got around to buying.

Last week I decided to treat myself to a couple of things (being careful not to spend too much because the postage is quite steep to Scotland.)

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The first thing I picked up was the new Shy Boy and Shy Girl pillow set. They were brand new on the site and I thought they were so cool and different I had to get on them. The kit comes with the cushion covers already printed with the design, which you can then just wash off. You also get the PDF of the pattern so you could make loads if you wanted!

I have like 12 Ikea cushions that we bought when we had a sort of window area in the old flat, and now just sit on our bedroom floor. A while ago I had planned to embroider them, but discovered they had no opening, so it was a no go. However, I think *THINK* these covers will fit those cushions. So at least two will be jazzed up! Hopefully I can get more covers for the other ones and do them all up.

Sublime Stitching Goodies

Sublime Stitching Goodies

Next up we have this awesome Kitchen Krazy bundle, which comes with the PDF and pattern of the kitchen krazy pattern, a half apron, two tea towels and a free gift! Phew!

Sublime Stitching Goodies

You know how I feel about kitchen things, so I'm sure you see why this is so exciting. I love stitching up things that are actually going to have a use, and not just be decorative (as they can just take up a lot of room sometimes) so it'll be nice to get these stitched up!


  1. WOW!!!! LOVE BOTH OF THESE! Amazing! I know what you mean, I like to make things that have a use (especially for other people). I really cant get over how amazing these both are! xxx

  2. I know they are both so cool right. I can't wait to get started on them but I'm going to try and finish other stuff first.


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