328 - Ponyo

April 24, 2012
I watched Ponyo at the weekend, and OMG it was so cute! After looking some lovely stuff up on Etsy, I decided to make a Studio Ghibli set on Etsy. I have to say the hoop of Ponyo eating the ham is the best thing I've ever seen.

'Ponyo! ' by SkatesandStitches

After watching Ponyo for the first time I had to make a Studio Ghibli set.

Set of 3 TOTORO DOLL St...

Felt Card Case, Wallet,...

My Neighbour Totoro cou...

Totoro Wedding Cake Top...

Spirited Away No-Face F...

Haku my little pony cus...

Spirited Away - No Face...

Studio Ghibli inspired ...

Howl's Moving Castl...

Howl's Moving Castl...

very cute calcifer (how...

Studio Ghibli Art Doll ...

Ponyo on a Cliff by the...

Ponyo - Ponyo Button

Ponyo Headband - OOAK &...

S.T.E.P. Custom Hand Pa...


  1. Ponyo Ponyo!! How cool are the old people and Ponyo's crazy dad :D

  2. Ha ha I loved it! It was so funny and cute. :D

  3. PONYOOOOOO! I love Ponyo, although still not my favourite of the Ghibli's! (Arrietty, Grave of the Fireflies and Whisper of the heart fyi) xxx

  4. I've only seen the four films that are featured above! They are always on Film Fiour but I keep missing them. I need to watch them all at some point.

  5. Grave of Fireflies is probably the saddest film I've ever seen! I'm a big Spirited Away fan. And Totoro! Cat bus!! There are some Totoro mittens I want to make so I'll maybe do them for next winter.

  6. Ha ha I don't cope well with sad films :( I watched the Princess and the Frog the other week and almost cried just telling Donald about the firefly in it :P. FAIL!


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