311 - A Month of Craft Photos Update 1

April 07, 2012
Month of Craft Photos 2

So what do you know? I wait until April to start the a month of craft photos challenge, and they come out with a new set of prompts! At least it means I can keep going for two months! Exciting times.

Anyway, let's check out my first week of craft photos. Woo!

1. You in action.

Day 1. You in action.

2. Craft tools.

Day 2. Craft tools.

3. And Old FO.

Day 3. An old FO.

4. Inspirtation outdoors.

Day 4. Inspiration outdoors.

5. Notions.

Day 5. Notions.

6. Colour.

Day 6. Colour.

7. Materials.

Day 7. Materials.

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