309 - Sewing

April 05, 2012
So I got some bad/sad/annoying news last week. Turns out my sewing class didn't have enough people for it to go ahead, and so it got cancelled. I was very upset. So upset I decide to just throw myself into a sewing project to see if I was really as bad as I thought I was.

For Christmas, Donald's mum bought me this purse and pencil case kit. I have to admit, it put the fear in me. It had zips and lining and all that complicated jazz! So I hid it away. In my no sewing class depression, I decided this would be the kit I would try.

Purse and pencil case kit

I have to say, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. And all the bits that went wrong were purely my fault because I CAN'T READ INSTRUCTIONS! (Apart from one fight I had with my sewing machine about the bobbin not working which ended with me hurling the bobbin at the sewing machine. Lovers spat eh?)

So here's how the finished items turned out.


Purse inside

Pencil case

Pencil case inside

So plus points. I sewed in my first zip! It works and everything. I sewed in lining twice. Win!

Not so good point? My seam ripper got a lot of use (though I did finally work out how to work it properly!). Too much of the lining is showing over the zip. The label on the purse is not stitched the best. The flap of the purse is bigger than the body (again my fault).

But overall, they both work! They both serve a purpose. My purse is going to hold my paper bobbins in my embroidery case.

Purse with contents

And my pencil case is going to be carried around in my handbag!

Pencil case with contents

So I think I'm going to just man up and just give sewing things ago. And then hopefully I'll just get better! I have so many "easy" sewing projects in mind. So now I'm just going to give them a go. Wish me luck!


  1. Well done Kim, they look fab!! That is one of the many things I have yet to tackle is how to work a proper sewing machine......

  2. Ha ha I love my sewing machine when stuff turns out right, but it scares me! I'm going to have to use it tonight/tomorrow to finish of some easter tea towels so I already have the fear!

    Thanks :) x

  3. Well done! Good for you for challenging yourself! Shame about the course. I really need to learn how to "string up" or whatever my sewing machine. I also seem to not be able to actually sew stitches if that makes sense? I put the needle down and press the pedal and the stitches don't "stick" if that makes sense? xxx

  4. Ha ha funnily enough I know exactly what you mean. Are you putting thread in the bobbin under the needle as well as just the normal thread?

    Yeah I'm sad no coure, but I do have a lot of sewing guide books/kits so I just need to get on with them :) x


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