307 - Are you lumping kidding me?

April 03, 2012
So last week you saw the second wolf boner embroidery piece which I packed off to the lovely Cilla Block from Dundee Roller Girls. After seeing my first post she had asked if I would make one for her, and I decided doing a swap would be fun because she has some mad craft talent and I wouldn't have felt right taking money from her, as the pattern was not my own.

Cilla makes some awesome Adventure Time crafts, so I asked if she would make me a couple of those in exchange for my wolf.

Here's what I got!

Craft swap goodies :)

An awesome Lumpy Space Princess Plush, a Finn perler bead face and a cute little keyboard brooch! I love them! They are totally awesome, and my LSP plush will only aid my bad impressions of her! So happy.


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